OJ: Trial Of The Century


About OJ: Trial Of The Century

Entirely composed of news and archive footage from the events as they unfolded, this film charts how the American Football superstar went from hero to zero. It follows the homicide case that shocked the world and captivated the collective American conscience The O.J. Simpson murder trial was the most publicised American criminal trial ever and the longest jury trial in the state of California. It was the first of its kind: trial as entertainment for the masses. Dubbed The Trial of the Century, it dominated American cultural life. When it was over, two people were still dead, no one was punished, and deep fault lines of bigotry and bias had been exposed in white and black America. For some it was a judicial catastrophe. For others it was merely confirmation that you get the kind of justice you can afford. Much of the footage here has never been seen before. With no narration, the narrative unfolds as a tight, compelling, true life drama, and a kind of meditation on how all-consuming and culturally transformative the O.J. Simpson trial truly was.

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