Badlands Texas

About Badlands Texas

Along the Mexican border sits the small, tight-knit community of Terlingua, Texas. Its residents have traded today's modern comforts and conveniences for something money can't buy: total freedom.

But the price of freedom proves high when a long night of drinking ends with a brutal killing. The death results in the loss of a respected member of the community, and the gut-wrenching murder trial that follows tears the town apart.

Badlands is a true-crime docu-series that delves into the eccentric world of Terlingua as its citizens struggle to reconcile the killing of a dear friend and fight to hold the town together as it grapples with change. Lonely back roads, dilapidated RVs, smoky bars, the Rio Grande and the vast West Texas landscape all set the stage for this tale of murder, survival, justice and the need for redemption.

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